Book Launch of “Rise Above Adversity”

On December 4, I’ll join Brian Tracy to formally discuss our joint book. Other authors are also present, and according to the latest statistics I received, thousands of people from all over the world have purchased tickets for this event.

We were shocked in the very first moments because the publishing company and Amazon repeatedly sent me emails announcing that the book is conquering Amazon’s bestseller list one after another. I was looking at the bestseller list, and every time I refreshed the page, our book rose in the Amazon bestseller list. It reminded me of the days when Shiba Inu’s cryptocurrency pumped and the price jumped every time I refreshed the page. when I was awake, the book had risen from three-digit rankings to the top 10 of Amazon bestsellers. I took a screenshot of it.

The next morning, I exposed a list of international news outlets, which reported that Brian Tracy’s big fans had flocked to the Amazon website to purchase the book and this pressure has highly hit the purchase of the book’s Kindle version at the end of 2021. There were a lot of news outlets, but I’m glad that this news was published in important newspapers and websites such as the Financial Capital, Przen, Fox 40, and The Morning Herald.

This issue was not out of sight of the Iranian media. They took my Telegram ID from MansNotes and texted me to get an interview. They were often excited that the name of Alireza Mansourian was available on Amazon as the main author alongside the legendary Brian Tracy. Most of them had read the biography published by Amazon on my official page. Amazon creates an official page for international writers and based on the data of the publishing companies, they put the biographies in it. Click to see my official page and read my biography on Amazon.

At that particular moment, I was more interested in talking to the people of my hometown, Ilam. For this reason, I mostly chose the media of Ilam for the interview. I answered their questions and also interviewed a number of national media outlets. This news was also reflected in social media. Many news agencies covered this news, among which I’d like to mention IBNA, Akharin Khabar, Mehrannews, and Baztabe Ilam. Several news agencies are also compiling my interview.


The success of Rise Above Adversity, at the very beginning, exceeded our expectations. That’s why I, along with Brian Tracy and other writers, decided to officially unveil it on December 4 and discuss what we wrote. Thanks to the North Star publishing team for hosting this event. So far, thousands of people from all over the world have purchased the tickets. You can also purchase a ticket for 51.84 CAD from the British company Eventbrite.


This online event will be held on December 4, 2021, at 1:00 PM Eastern US time. Together with Brian Tracy and other writers, I’ll talk about Thinking Smarter and its relationship to Adversities. As always, I’ve chosen a mysterious T-shirt to wear. See you there!

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