Not Rush! (Hamster Kombat #1)

An ideal image of happiness, prosperity, and constant peace! Immortality and stability were all possible by holding a single stone (gold ore). A symbol of quick and sudden success. Leaving behind an unwanted past and freezing in an ideal image forever.

To obtain the tiniest particles of this stone, one had to travel to unknown lands. A place where the reward for spending time and having good fortune was eternal wealth and prosperity, and no restrictive laws hindered the ambitions of newly arrived travelers: Gold Rush!

California Gold Rush Stamp $0.33

The search for gold had begun long ago but became more prevalent than ever in the 19th century. The lure of wealth drew many gold seekers to untouched and pristine lands. Prospectors simultaneously and independently searched for gold in countries like the United States and Canada. The influx of a multitude of migrants in pursuit of this goal had a profound impact on these areas and the lives of the indigenous people, even after the gold rush had ended. The initial search for discovering a new mine required just a sieve. The tools were simple and inexpensive. Tiny gold particles, along with water, were extracted from rocks. The gold seeker’s task was to separate the gold particles from the sand. If the amount of gold was enough to spark greed, the prospector would look for partners. They would form a group to gather more gold as quickly as possible. Finding gold this way only required time and nothing else! The low risk and high potential reward sparked such a wave. Without this wave, perhaps the history of today’s very advanced cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles couldn’t be told.

Two months before the official launch of  Notcoin I discussed it in two blog posts, introducing it as a new phenomenon. Apparently, after its official launch, the unparalleled success of this project has turned it into a genuine phenomenon for investors and even game players, leading other projects to see their success in joining this new wave. Hamster Kombat is the name of a new game riding this wave. In some countries like Iran and Russia, it has become such a sensation that, for instance, the officials of the Islamic Republic have labeled it a plot by enemies to reduce public participation in the June 28, 2024, elections. In a poll on my Instagram page, 94% confirmed that a significant number of their audience is joining the Telegram social network, which reminds me of the “gold rush” of past centuries. However, this is a modern version: Not Rush!

Following in the footsteps of Not Coin, the game Hamster Kombat has managed to spark greed and create an incredible community. It seems that after the unbelievable success of Notcoin, people now believe that this might be another project through which they can achieve sudden and significant wealth by mining its coins. They have invited their friends to join Telegram to gather as many coins as quickly as possible. The tools are simple: you just need to use your fingers more to turn the scrawny, drenched hamster in the game into the CEO of a famous exchange. Haha!

The low risk and high potential reward have driven a wave of users to the Telegram social network, many of whom are very active. If this project succeeds, which seems likely, it will undoubtedly transform Telegram and the TON network into something they have never been before. This modern gold rush, which I call the “Not rush”, has elevated Telegram to a unique position as a marketplace, akin to the App Store. Therefore, I believe the success of games like Hamster Kombat and TapSwap following Notcoin is very strategic for Telegram, and I doubt Pavel Durov will overlook such projects easily. Today, social networks can be likened to cities in the modern world. Zuckerberg understood this well, which is why he rebranded his company and pursued the creation of the metaverse. This influx of gold seekers is undoubtedly desirable for any modern city with unlimited capacity for citizens. Not seekers in the city of Telegram!

For the blockchain community, the Hamster Kombat is a major success. This is the first time we have been able to engage the general public with blockchain concepts and terms like NFT, Pool, and more. Every day, a new blockchain term is announced, and if you enter it in Morse code (often used by political prisoners to convey messages), you receive a good reward. Many everyday people have now installed the Tonkeeper wallet. Therefore, the success of this project can be strategic not just for the TON community but for the entire cryptocurrency community. This creative wave, which I called the Not rush, might herald the next bull market in the cryptocurrency world. Thus, I believe this group can also become supporters of the project.

To increase your coin count, you need to spend coins! This simple game effectively teaches investment principles, demonstrating how spending money temporarily is crucial for earning it in the long run. The interesting part is that the numbers are set up to make this principle seem obvious and highly profitable. For instance, every day in the daily combo section, you can arrange three cards correctly with cryptocurrency terms written on them to earn 5M coins as a reward. The intriguing aspect is that the cards are priced in a way that leaves no doubt about spending your coins to receive the daily combo reward. This concept is also clearly visible in the booster section of the game.

This project, while not as groundbreaking as Notcoin, has managed to create an independent identity for itself. Hamster Kombat, rather than being a mere clichéd follower, has elevated the artistry of such a trend. Notcoin provided an exceptional opportunity for investors and players because they believed in the game when no one else did. But now that everyone believes in Hamster Kombat, what then? I think achieving profitability on the scale of Notcoin could be challenging for this project, but in my next blog post, I will elaborate on my reasons for supporting this project and explain why I intend to back it.

After health, your most important asset is time. Therefore, I recommend everyone treat these games as a form of entertainment and remember that the real winners of this project are not just those who tap on the screen; the pre-sale market for this project is set to open soon on the KuCoin exchange.
Pre-sale start date: June 28, 2024 (or maybe July 05 😉 ).


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