Artful Ridiculousness (Notcoin 2)

Surprisingly, I saw the Notcoin logo in the Explore section of Telegram wallet. That’s when I got skeptical about my previously-held opinion on this project. Actually, I was shocked.

It was like I never expected to see this project’s logo in a highly esteemed place like this. Having a competent team is widely recognized as a fundamental aspect of a successful cryptocurrency project. Pavel Durov and Telegram team have consistently acted as an exceptional team, which, in my opinion, has been a crucial factor in transforming TON into one of the most successful chains. Upon engaging with the Notcoin bot, my perception swiftly shifted. I quickly realized that the ridiculousness employed within it was of the same type that I would consider as Artful Ridiculousness because the ridiculousness of the Notcoin project has a particular elegance with a purposeful design.

We’ve often mocked the buyers of ridiculous paintings with exorbitant price tags, attributing it to the abundant wealth of millionaires and also to the perception that there’s nowhere else to spend their surplus money. Sometimes, we’ve even entertained the thought that if we were to write Leonardo da Vinci’s name on the drawing book of our childhood, those “intelligent” buyers (!) would be a golden opportunity for our millionaire dreams. HaHa.

Indeed, if a ridiculous painting belongs to a famous artist, it can be valuable. In my view, part of this value stems from factors such as the painter’s fame and the work’s rarity and historical significance. A significant part also arises from the artfulness of its ridiculousness. Such paintings are historically significant; so they attract investors’ attention, and they definitely set a price for it. But what makes them truly valuable, in my opinion, is the artfulness of their ridiculousness!
It’s worth noting that not every painter qualifies as an artist, and not all creations of an artist possess artful; so, if an artist employs ridiculousness with a specific purpose, it can truly create a masterpiece. In the case discussed, the painter has used ridiculousness as a tool. He has artfully utilized ridiculousness.

Artful Rediculiusness Samples MN
Some simple artworks with skyrocketed price

However, what relevance does all of this hold for Notcoin?!

Artful Ridiculousness and Opportunity:
The idea of making money by tapping on a screen is ridiculous. By studying the project, one can understand that the Notcoin team also knows this fact. This is the first sign that they intentionally used this ridiculousness. So, if they were able to handle the elegance of its ridiculousness, they probably created a masterpiece. That’s why everything suddenly changed for me upon engaging with the Notcoin bot. They had fooled all connoisseurs with this ridiculousness. Essentially, that’s where I realized that we had probably been fooled. It seemed to me that those unfamiliar with blockchain technology were positioned correctly within the project, and all the connoisseurs were in the wrong place. Meaning, they had used this ridiculousness to make all connoisseurs do the wrong thing, and the general public to do the right thing, which is to believe in the project.

I became sure that there was brilliance in this ridiculousness when this theme repeated again. A few days ago, the Notcoin team made a strange offer to its users: If desired, any member of the Notcoin community could transfer Notcoin to the channel of Pavel Durov, Telegram funder, in recognition of his efforts. By doing this, the Notcoin team further divided their community, which mostly consisted of non-experts, into two categories. Once again, those who perceived themselves as more clever and knowledgeable found themselves on the losing end. The Notcoin team rewarded anyone who made this donation with double the amount of Notcoin!!

Yes! Notcoin precisely utilizes this ridiculousness as a tool; this is exactly what I call artful ridiculousness. Apparently, the Notcoin team is well aware of the concept of “opportunity“. Opportunity exists precisely where no one thinks of it. All major historical opportunities have been like this. That’s why they gain significant value in a short period of time. Because initially, they were hidden from everyone’s view, and it might be surprising to say that in most of these amazing opportunities, those who have little technical knowledge about them have always profited the most. If you doubt it, you can ask Bitcoin enthusiasts in the early 2010s, whose wallets had lower performance than wallets with no activity at all. Because opportunities must always remain hidden from society’s perspective. If they’re not, they swiftly move out of the “opportunity” phase.

Notcoin also amazed me in terms of implementation. When I was tapping on the Notcoin image (exactly on the screen where I previously thought only a fool could be there), I once again realized another deception. I thought I was clicking on the golden logo of Notcoin, while there was a subtle difference. By comparing, I noticed the image was a reversed version of the TON logo. Just as they chose the name NOT from reversing TON and then created a meaning that subconsciously affects. The word “not” alongside “coin” can be suspicious and suggest that this project is futile, although they haven’t named it wrongly because, as clarified in Blog #1, Notcoin is not a coin but a token on the TON network : )

In this blog, I tried to delve into the philosophical concept of “artful ridiculousness” on the pretext of Notcoin. The content of it is very extensive and beyond the scope of this blog. The purposeful and smarter use of the Notcoin team prompted me to write this blog in two parts. Currently, the TON blockchain needs a strong meme coin. Meme coins have demonstrated their ability to rapidly captivate public interest (and also the desire to covet 😊) faster than any other type of currency and can cause network congestion, thereby increasing the value of the network’s native coin. Contrary to the experts’ expectations, the Notcoin team’s use of a ridiculous idea was not for scamming with empty promises but a brilliant and smart way to market and enhance holders. It’s time for the blockchain community to acknowledge that they’ve been fooled and that the extraordinary opportunities of this technology always have room for surprise for themselves.
Notcoin’s Release Date: It was 4/20, around the Bitcoin Halving : )
I wrote this blog “Because it’s ridiculous!


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