Notcoin is not a coin?! (Notcoin 1)

The answer is not! Notcoin is not a coin ; )

In fact, it will be a token based on the TON – The Open Network.

You may have heard of this game or maybe you were even a player who invited your friends to this game. When I heard its name, I never thought I’d ever be writing such a blog post about it.

The game, which is basically a Telegram Bot, is considered a clicker game. You gain  Notcoins by clicking on the image, and if you manage to convince your friends to join through your invitation link, you’ll be rewarded even more. This is where it starts bugging the experts. According to all experts, the concept of money is tied to the word hardship; meaning that, essentially, anything gained without going through hardship, can’t be called “money”. This is exactly what rendered the Notcoin baseless for me when I first encountered it and I was quite at peace that a couple of experts had informed about it being baseless. A peace arising from being satisfied with the blockchain community, which takes the burden off the shoulders of other members by correctly informing others on time.

I was strongly on this opinion until I found myself tapping on the screen continuously! In my early conversations with community members, I only mentioned Notcoin. They knew about the blockchain and were shocked that I considered Notcoin full of potential. They wondered how a ridiculous game could turn into a serious project. One of my usual comebacks to them  was “cause it’s ridiculous!

We hadn’t talked much about it for a few days and then all of a sudden, the presale of Notcoin was officially announced on the Getgems (the main marketplace on TON). This made me convince myself to write a couple of blog posts about this phenomenon. In this series of blogs, I’m going to discuss how a ridiculous game could turn into a serious phenomenon.

But, can anything ridiculous be a sign of something full of potential?!

Lovely Fork Channel

It may sound odd, but a Telegram channel posting this picture of a fork every day has 4.2K real subscribers. Isn’t that ridiculous? Yes, it is. I admire the creativity and the perseverance of its creator. He’s been doing this on a daily basis since the 11th of November, 2015. With no content and advertising, he’s achieved what many couldn’t, even with setting a budget and creating content.

What I mean is, ridiculous stuff sometimes find luck. I mean, 99.99% of them are total trash, but if you manage to find that 0.01%, you’ll take off. Cause in that case, you’ve found a rarity, which is hard to find, and grand hardship gets rewarded grandly! In fact, this is the definition of opportunity. Precious opportunities are disguised and with a little bit of reverse engineering, one can figure this out about Notcoin.

How to find that 0.01% is a philosophical, deep, and highly costly topic, requiring extensive knowledge and having authored several books! Briefly, I believe they have a unique grace and innovation to them. Just as in a graceful piece of art, but of a different kind. I call it an Artful Ridiculousness.

Well, this is how it all started. I had to install the internal Telegram wallet for a project.  Surprisingly, I saw the Notcoin logo in the Explore section of the wallet. That’s when I got skeptical about my previously-held opinion on this project. Actually, I was shocked. It was like I never expected to see this project’s logo in a highly esteemed place like this. To be continued in the next blog post.


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