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We are now Officially Amazing!

Finally, the result of our attempt was announced by Guinness World Records. The high and strict standards of this world-renowned center always make sending a formal statement a time-consuming process. “You are now officially amazing”, they told us.

Well, since the end of the “September 1 Event”, I wanted to talk about the event day, but due to the indescribable fatigue that followed, I decided to take a few days off and not even do my daily study. I never thought that one day I would be so tired that I even canceled my appointment to go to the pool and sauna for relaxation. Honestly, I slept for a few days until noon and, as usual, played Michael Jackson’s song with my new headphones, which I bought as a gift for myself from Microsoft and a good friend brought them to me from Alberta. Maybe one day I’ll review it in a blog. Don’t forget to always give yourself a gift especially a fun gift after doing a big work; in this way, you can cherish the difficult moments of your life by spending time with that gift.

First of all, I’d like to draw your attention to the official statement of Guinness World Records. They just sent us this beautiful video.


Now that this official statement has been released, I’d like to tell you more about the details of the event day. The highlight was the mysterious T-shirt I had prepared specifically for the event. This T-shirt, which was noticed by the audience and the moderator, conveyed some of my messages to the outside world with no words.

Part of this message drew people’s attention to human evolution, which was related to my speech, and the other part indicated evolution in money. The T-shirt, once worn by The Dogefather in an online event, shows human evolution alongside the evolution of money in which bitcoin has been represented as the future of money and a new type of asset class. Actually, I was going to give the designer the design, which was my own idea (its image can be seen in the previous blog). But my older brother, Amir Bahador, said that he had ordered a design similar to what Elon Musk wore in “The B Word” online event. He bought it for me as my birthday gift and said that he would be very happy if I attended the “Guinness September 1 Event” wearing his gift. That night came and I wore it.

Alireza and Elon T-Shirt Body

By the way, that night, bitcoin grew by 6% and altcoins by 25%. Maybe the T-shirt I wore at the Guinness World Records event pumped up the prices! God knows! God knows that Alireza is a very humorous blogger. Haha!

Regarding how to break the Guinness World Record, the plan was that the authors to enter multiple rooms in the Zoom application at the end of the event. Each room was controlled by a pre-determined and Guinness-approved moderator. Each of them had a very accurate clock in UTC time. All authors in various rooms around the world had to sign their own books according to strict Guinness World Records protocols from 14:30:00 UTC to 14:30:10 UTC (we had practiced this over and over again in August). I also signed the first page of my book. After the event, I wrote one of my main and selected speech sentences about the end of COVID in Persian on top of my signature and put the book in a special place on my personal library shelf to stay there forever.

What seemed very interesting to me on the day of breaking the record was that Cristiano Ronaldo broke iconic record for most goals scored in international matches that day. With 111 national goals, he surpassed Ali Daei (Iranian football legend). This photo was published by Ronaldo on his official page. After that, many people tagged him and welcomed him to the Guinness Club.

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Even more amazing is that now that I’m writing this blog, I received a notification from Twitter. Elon Musk just tweeted that his company has set a world record. He wrote that Tesla Model S Plaid set official world speed record. I just retweeted it.

The certificate for my record-breaking with the title “Guinness Participant” will be sent from Guinness World Records New York sometime later. Conditions related to communication between the countries have made this process a little longer. By the way, to describe my mood after participating in this meaningful collective action and breaking the Guinness World Record, I refer you to a part of the Smooth Criminal music video. As I said, I listen more to Michael Jackson songs these days. After the event, I played this part over and over again. It was as if I had fallen asleep in my childhood that night with the magic of this scene. Actually, I have always considered Guinness as a place for geniuses and specific talents!

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